Sunday, May 2, 2010

Curfew application and summer plans

We are applying chemicals on the Greens, Tees and Greens slops to control Nematodes and mole crickets. This will also help turf grow back in the thin areas of the greens. You will see a significant change after this treatment.
My plan is to get all of the thin areas of the greens on a long-range cultural program. We will be putting controls in place so the putting surface will not be effected this way again. Irrigation, fertilization and aerification will be handled differently through out this summer season.
The shaded areas on the left #12 Fairway are doing much better than I planned. We apologize for all of the rope but we are moving towards the right direction for better turf conditions. However there will be some of the areas that will continue to give us problems. In these areas we will be planting some natural grasses and sodding the rest. On the Right side of the fairway we plan to plant more aerification plugs in the roughs. I will keep everyone up to date on our plans as time permits.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Weather

Friday, Feb 12
High: 53 °F 44 °F
Cold with rain, turning breezy this afternoonFriday Night, Feb 12
Low: 32 °F 26 °F
A couple of showers this evening; otherwise, mostly cloudy, breezy and coldStargazing conditionsForecast Details | Hourly Forecast for Today | Hourly Forecast for Tonight | Precipitation Forecast | Local Radar
Saturday, Feb 13
High: 56 °F 48 °F
Breezy and cool with some clouds, then sunshineSaturday Night, Feb 13
Low: 24 °F 27 °F
Clear to partly cloudy and very coldStargazing conditionsForecast Details | Hourly Forecast for Saturday | Hourly Forecast for Saturday Night | AccuPOP® Precipitation Forecast
Sunday, Feb 14
High: 60 °F 62 °F
Partly sunnySunday Night, Feb 14
Low: 30 °F RealFeel®: 23 °F
Clear and coldStargazing conditionsForecast Details | Hourly Forecast for Sunday | Hourly Forecast for Sunday Night | AccuPOP® Precipitation Forecast
Monday, Feb 15
High: 61 °F 62 °F
Some sun, then turning cloudy and cool with a shower possibleMonday Night, Feb 15
Low: 31 °F 21 °F
Cold with plenty of cloudsStargazing conditionsForecast Details | Hourly Forecast Available on Premium | Precipitation Forecast
Tuesday, Feb 16
High: 55 °F 58 °F
Mostly sunny and coolTuesday Night, Feb 16
Low: 30 °F 18 °F
Clear and cold

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Water Fall Project

We are working on another leak in the liner at the top of the waterfall. We will be filling the top bowl with dirt and installing another linen then cementing the wall. The repair will be similar to the construction to a swimming pool. With the holidays so close it will be after the New Year before it’s complete.
I will keep up to date as we move forward with it.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frosty Tuesday morning

We had to keep golfers on cart paths this morning for the first few holes. I guess that this is a sign of things to come. We have to keep making adjustments on a daily baises so please bare with us as we do.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rain Rain Rain!!!! :( ......Friday morning

Well it's not normal but we can't stop it. We've only got .45 inches since 5:00am this morning so far but its enough to make things gloomy and wet.
Yep! It’s only 11:00 am. We are closed for now but if it does stop raining and the sun come out, it will be cart path only. We hope to get everyone back out on the course tomorrow and there may be frost!

Have a great day and Merry Christmas

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold and Wet Weather ----The cost of doing Business

We are dealing with cold and wet conditions on the golf course Monday morning. This weekend we had a short frost delay on Sunday but it did not hold up golfers to bad, they were out by 8:00. Saturday it rained all morning and we had a lot of cancellations but it cleared up later.
Hope we can recover with some good weather so you can get all of your golf in for the month.
This morning it’s raining but it did not cause us too much of a problem. The Course will be open and there will not be any restrictions. Looking forward to seeing you on the course this morning.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rainy night at the Preserve

Well we are off to a wet start in Dec. Wednesday night was very windy and heavy down pour of rain from time to time thru-out the night. We only received a 1/2 inch of rain but the strong winds produced a lot of horticulture trash and made for a mess of the golf course. The maintenance crew is working diligently picking up branches and blowing debris off of the course this morning. Our bunkers took a pretty good bounding from the rain so some of the sand was washed down to the lower parts of the traps. It will take more time this morning to get them back in playing condition but that’s the nature of the beast when we get rain like this.
There will not be any restrictions on golf play today, we only ask that please be vigilant of wet areas, observe the 90 degree rules and ad-hear to the signs on the golf course,